Monday, December 6, 2010

Bainbridge II Dual Fuel Freestanding Vent Free Stove Model GSD3033

Product Features

  • World #GSD3033 25K Black Gas Vent- Free Stove
Bainbridge II, 25,000 BTU, Black Gas Vent Free Stove, Dual Fuel, Accepts Natural & LP Gas, Thermostatic Heat Control, Hand Painted Logs With Vivid Details, Built In Safety Sensor, O.D.S. Hidden Side Mounted Controls, Heats Approximately 1,200 SQFT, Optional Blower #20-6030 must be purchased separately.

What People Are Saying About This Vent Free Stove

Instruction Problems
I tried to order a different stove from Home Depot, but they were out of stock online. While searching for that same stove from a retailer online, I came across this stove and decided to try it because of the cost.

Some of the instructions for setup are not clear. For example, removing the grill to get the logs out. Simply adding the first step of removing the screws on the top left and right of the grill would have been helpful. With a product of this nature, a consumer does not want to do anything in unpacking that would make the product not work.

Another problem with the instructions is that they do not give any indication of where to put the battery. The instructions say, "This heater is equipped with an electronic piezo control system. This system requires AAA batteries (provided)." The first problem is that only one battery is included, so where are the other batteries if needed? The second problem is that the instructions don't give any information as to where the battery should be installed. I called the 800 number for the manufacturer four different times and received a voice message and also sent a message on their web site. The last time that I called, I selected a different option instead of technical support with the "leave a message and we will call back." Technical support did call back and confirmed the battery installation instructions below.

Fortunately, I read in these reviews that another customer (Nice Guy) had the same problem. "This one looks nice and sets up easily - except that the instructions didn't say where the battery for the electronic starter went. A phone call answered that question easily (you unscrew the starter button)." Without this information, I would have been lost until the manufacturer called back. To expand on this information:
1. Unscrew the ignitor (behind the small door at the bottom of the unit on the front).
2. Insert the battery with the + side facing toward the front. When you insert the battery, it doesn't seem to fit. I learned from trial and error.
3. Screw the ignitor back on and push the ignitor button in. You should hear a clicking noise.

My heater is supposed to be installed tomorrow, so I am waiting to see how everything else works. I'm hoping for a better experience using the stove than I had with the instructions. 

Nice product but not as efficient as regular heating
I have forced hot water radiaters in my house so it takes a while to get the house warm in the cold weather. Though economical, it takes a while to warm up on a cold winters day. I found this gas heater to be a welcomed addition to the house. It is not economical to run 24-7 but its really great when we have company over and want a special effect or to heat up the house fast when we come home at night or first thing on weekend mornings. 

Looks & Heats Great
While this unit is a touch tricky to get fired-up, it works very well as a backup heater for my home. Plus it makes for a cozy atmosphere. The logs don't look too terribly fake. The overall look of the unit is very nice compared to most that I've looked at in retail stores, and this unit is affordable.

I wouldn't leave the room with it on
I have three propane fireplaces in my home. I love being able to warm up a room quickly and watch the fire dance. This one looks nice and sets up easily - except that the instructions didn't say where the battery for the electronic starter went. A phone call answered that question easily (you unscrew the starter button). If you are looking for a reasonably priced stove that puts out a lot of heat, it does. Unfortunately for me, the room I put it in is only 13x16 and it heats up so fast that I can't sit and watch the fire for very long. So if you like to sit and watch flames dance, consider getting a smaller stove. My other concern is that when it kicks on, the gas comes out for several seconds before it catches fire with a big "whosh." My other fireplaces don't do that. As long as it is in a big room and far from any curtains or fabric, it is probably perfectly safe, but where I have it, I turn it off when I leave the room just to be safe.
If you are deciding between a vent-free and direct-vent stove, first make sure you have enough space to support a vent-free stove. If you do, I found the look to be much nicer than the direct-vent. The flames dance more, and they put out lots more usable heat.

Beautiful Product
After I decided to do away with my woodstove, I looked at several stores and online. This product was exactly what I wanted and had it at the best price including shipping. It arrived in a very timely manner and it works wonderfully. It is also very attractive and makes the room feel just as cozy as the woodstove....without all the mess.

Heats the entire house!
My husband wanted to buy one of these last fall, and I was unconvinced. We had a power outage last winter when it was -30 degrees outside and suffered for three days with no heat in our house. After that, I was persuaded to go along with his "crazy" idea. We are using this as a natural gas heat source. The great part about it is that if we lose electricity again this winter, we will still be able to stay warm and comfortable. One of the things I like about it is the moisture that is put into the air by the gas burning. The humidity in our house is staying around 60 degrees when we have the stove running. We are going to get rid of the old humidifier, as it is no longer needed. We are both very pleased with our purchase.

We had a professional run the gas line and hook it up for us, and bought a CO2 alarm for the house, for safety.